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Draping Tales

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Jewellery and accessories goes hand in hand when it comes to creating a fashion statement. They offer so many styles and types that matching them up with your saree makes your look all the more interesting.

In terms of versatility a saree has an unparalleled edge. It can be worn in a variety of occasions and with a bunch of different jewellery and accessories. Festivities, family meet-up, office meeting – saree is a dazzling and dignified statement for any occasion. When it comes to selecting a saree its colour, print, material are things that we look into. We also pay attention to the way we drape them, which again can vary depending on the occasion. When you are done with it, the method of draping the saree is another point to ponder. However, just as important is teaming up the saree with a lovely piece of jewellery.

A timeless jewellery variety that is rising to greater heights recently are oxidised silver. Be it the handcrafted earrings or large neckpieces, oxidised silver jewellery is top of the pops at the moment. Try matching it up with an elegant saree and you can churn out a striking new look. While Indian silver jewellery continues to draw accolades across the world, German silver jewellery is worn fondly because of its subtle and stylish look. From popular actresses like Vidya Balan to the girl next door, the combo of saree with long chains, statement earrings and stacked necklaces of German silver has admirers everywhere.

Quick tips on what not to do with your silver jewellery

  • Saree doesn’t go well with large anklets, go for a subtle one.

  • Big statement bracelet and big rings? That’s a big no.

  • Don’t go for a chunky and loaded jewellery from top to bottom with a heavy saree.

  • Stick to one metal. Mixing gold and silver isn’t fun.

  • A simple saree with just as plain jewellery may go unnoticed.

  • Don’t go for bare hands with your saree. By that we don’t mean a gift for the party host.

For more collection on oxidised silver you can check our silver lining collection. We have regular daily wear studs to heavy oxidized necklaces with earrings. Hope you had fun reading this. We will be back soon with our next blog. Till then stay safe and stay at home!

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