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How To Style with Pearls?

Updated: May 21, 2021

- By Kanishka Goyal

“Pearls are always appropriate.” - Jackie Kennedy

Easily the most loved and popular gem of all times - Pearls are an iconic symbol of glamour and elegance. As easily as they blend with any outfit you wear, pearls are still refined enough to feature a dignified look. Be it Audrey Hepburn’s multi-stranded pearl necklace or Marilyn Monroe’s iconic single-strand pearl piece, these classic extravagant actresses have proved that pearl is a statement jewel. Pearls are what every fashionista needs.

There’s nothing like an “appropriate occasion” when it comes to adorning pearls. Whether you’re going to work or dressing up for a party, you just need to know the right way to style your pearl jewellery and you’ll be ready to outshine anyone and everyone wherever you’ll go. No matter if there’s an occasion or not, pearls can add a touch of elegance and vintage appeal to any outfit you bother to put on.

Adding pearl to every occassion

If you want to pair pearls with a simple outfit like a black shirt and skinny jeans, then what can be better than a double-stranded pearl necklace. It is sure to earn you a lot of attention while not being too overwhelming. Your office work is growing tiresome and you want to elevate your office wardrobe? The secret to pulling off a cool look with pearls is to wear them as a piece of subtle statement accessory. Try mixing pearls of different shapes and hues if you’re pairing with something plain. You’ll achieve the simplest and the most effortless look once you use pearls as an accent to your outfit.

Pearls look gorgeous with both jeans and dressier outfit. A solid-coloured dress will pair wonderfully with pearls, creating a simple and classic look. But if your outfit is more on the colourful side, like textured or patterned or a sundress, then choose a single-stranded necklace instead of a double-stranded one. If you're wearing a gorgeous antiquated gown, you can wear your large pearl choker set to look absolutely stunning. For any festive event, a multi-stranded pearl necklace with a large pendant is just the appropriate choice. If you want to be the show stealer then team up this look with pink lips, lightly blushed cheeks, topping it all off with wavy hair. Want a more dignified look using pearl jewellery? A cotton blouse and saree with a bold pearl necklace is always the hottest accessory to wear.

So, it’s no surprise that the days of wearing pearl jewellery solely for special occasions are behind us. Keeping the timeless beauty of pearls in mind, Style99 bring to you our vast range of Pearlicious collection for you to keep your choices classy and gorgeous… and promising you to be not too overwhelming, yet having the right amount of elegance.

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