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Beatnik Vogue

By Kanishka Goyal

Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle. Bohemians are free-spirited people who like to swim against the mainstream and are well known for their vivacity, wearing colourful patterns, and they have an instinct of wandering. The original "Bohemians" were travellers or refugees from Central Europe but ironically over time, the way bohemians lived or wore clothes because of their poverty, turned into a fashion sense as floral skirts and stone jewellery epitomised the bohemian, free-spirited and nomadic look.

The Bohemian style originated in post-revolution France when poverty-stricken artists who resorted to a nomadic lifestyle and worn-out clothes. Modern boho fashion originally started as a counterculture back in the 19th century but these days it has become a part of the mainstream culture and lifestyle.

Dressing the Boho Way !

Bohemian style has always been an exotic alternative to the accepted fashion of a particular period. Bohemian clothing is mainly characterized by floral patterns, vibrant colours and colourful stone jewellery. They always stand out in a crowd representing a different way of seeing and living lives based on creativity and creating a difference in the regular social and cultural traditions.

Inspired by this gypsy lifestyle, we, at Style99, bring you a unique and modern boho-chic collection for all the women out there who love freedom over possession, women who like to express themselves through art. Our diverse collection of dynamic bohemian jewellery is handcrafted with perfection to reflect every colour a woman has and deserves in her life.

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